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Fiction Movie "11:55 " Makes HeadLines @ Brooklyn Film Festival !

NEW YORK (SMI-WIRE,06.06.16)The Movie " 11:55 " is a fiction movie with an Interesting,engaging & entertaining story for 21+ audience.The story directed & written by Ira Issler & Ben Snyder, takes place in New York low income community, where youths lack opportunities for better jobs and professional careers.After being involved in the fatal shooting of a local drug dealer, U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez (Co-Writer Victor Almanzar, "Empire," "High Maintenance") returns to the neighborhood he fledyears ago.

Amid the fanfare and celebration, the brother of the deceased, Nicky (Carlsen, "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), learns of Nelson’s homecoming and vows revenge. Word reaches Nelson but instead of fleeing, he charts an unlikely path to break the cycle of violence that defined him.

In their feature directorial debut, co-directors Ari Issler and Ben Snyder retool the classic Western genre with influence from Almanzar's own latino roots and personal experiences, creating a unique and moving resolution to the consequences of revenge and violence with dazzling emotional impact. With a persistent, clock-ticking intensity throughout, the tension remains as high as the stakes. Brimming with excellent performances, 11:55 is a gripping and poignant tale of reconciliation and forgiveness.

A good and must see movie for all audiences that it's into fiction stories, suspense & drama. 

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