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The Latino Film Festival Kicked-Off Its 16Th Edition & Opening Night with The New York Premiere of The Award-Winning Film " Princess Of Row " in The Big Apple…!


The New York Latino Film Festival that showcase emerging urban latino films and it's presented by HBO, kicked-off its 2019 edition this evening with the New York Premiere of the award-winning film" Princess of The Row", during its opening night with cast and creative team in attendance and walking the red carpet at the AMC Empire Theater in the heart of Time Square, New York City.


The Latino Film Festival celebrates its 16th anniversary producing cultural relevants, supporting the film community with professional development and building audiences for the Latino Cinema.

The Princess Of Row" is directed by Max Carlson and produced by Shawn Austin.The cast areCast: Ana Ortiz, Edi Gathegi, Jacob Vargas, Martin Sheen, Tayler Buck.

The following Cast & Entertainment Personalities walked the carpet:

NYLFF OPENING NIGHT featuring Princess of the Row

- Max Carlson, Director/Co-Writer/Editor, Princess of the Row

- Shawn Austin, Producer/Co-Writer, Princess of the Row

- Tayler Buck, Lead Actress ("Alicia"), Princess of the Row

- Anne Castillo, Commissioner of Media and Entertainment, City of New York

- Gina Brillon, Actress and Comedianne

- Jessica Vargas, Director, Multicultural Marketing, HBO Latino

- Calixto Chinchilla, Founder, New York Latino Film Festival

- Justice Singleton, daughter of John Singleton 

About "Princess Of Row "

Bouncing around the sometimes-abusive foster care system, Alicia Willis, a creative 12-year-old girl, ditches school to visit her military veteran father Sgt. Beaumont “Bo” Willis. After a battle-induced brain injury during his service in Iraq, Bo is now homeless and living on LA’s skid row while suffering from severe PTSD. The injury renders him unable to recognize his own daughter most of the time but to Alicia it doesn’t matter, because she remembers him as the father he used to be: a caring man with a love of storytelling. After discovering her next foster home is ten hours away, Alicia sets out on a mission to save her family. With social services in hot pursuit, she and her father flee the city in search of a better life where they can be together in peace.

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