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Recent News           Amalia "Malai Swimwear "Shines @ Swim-Week Miami with                                    a Collection Entitled " Cristaline "

SMI Fashion /July 16-19, 2015

Miami Beach (SMI-WIRE,07.16-07.19.15) The Colombian Trend Fashion Show brought a new spice to Miami Swim Week’s runway shows, featuring looks from six of the hottest Colombian designers at W Hotel South Beach’s Wet Deck Lounge on Sunday, July 19, 2015. The show was sponsored by PROTELA and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber.

The 2016 resort wear collections from Maaji, Agua Bendita, Hernan Zajar, Malai, Babalú and Saha were a hit with the hundreds of editors, buyers and industry professionals surrounding the pool’s floating runway.As the bikini-clad models strutted to upbeat, remixed music, the crowd bounced along to match colorful energy showcased on the runway. Bright colors, multi-colored fabrics, and flashy details highlighted the culture and passion of each brand’s Colombian pride.

Maaji’s “Rhapsody Road” collection is inspired by happy-go-lucky adventure and a modernized bohemian look, whereas Agua Bendita played with vibrant prints and graphics. The look of Hernan Zajar’s showcase was a sensual, magical Caribbean flair, focusing on female form. Boho prints merged with contemporary design in Malai’s 2016 collection; Babalú’s detailed approach to comfort and originality looked to inspire positivity; and Saha’s clean silhouettes complemented the exciting patterns.

The looks from each brand lit up the atmosphere with the Latin spice that Miami locals know and love. Feeding off the sexy, exotic vibe from the Colombian Trend Show, attendees felt the fiesta from their seats!

Starlight Latin-America tuvo la oportunida de entrevistar a la disenadora de "MALIA"; Amalia Abad y esto es lo que dijo antes del Protela & Lycra Fashion Show.
Starlight Latin-America:Cual es el nombre de su colleccion y que nos puede decir acerca?
Amalia Abad: La Colleccion de llama " Cristaline " y va espirado con el agua cristalino especialmente cuando las prendas que se sumerge bajo del agua y se recargan de energias. 
Starlight Latin-America: Las telas son hechas de Protela & Lycra con estampados digitales.Los colores son super vivos, tenemos estampados de animales y bloque de
color combinado dorados y muchos accento speciales.
Starlight Latin-America: Que Mensaje le manda a la mujer moderna que desea comprar su brand ?
Amalia Abad:Todo se puede en question de ropa bano, todo se puede usar hoy , lo inportante  es conbinar , que todo sea chevere seas bikini con las cobras con top y todos.
Starlight Latin-America: Donde se vende su Brand ?
Amalia Abad: Antes era colombia Y latin-america pero ahora estamos entrando a los
Estados Unidos.
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