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Colombian Artists Take Over Miami Art Week with Beatriz Esguerra !

MIAMI (SMI-WIRE,12.18.16)Premiere Colombian Art Gallery Beatriz Esguerra

unveiled the works of the most innovative Colombian artists during Miami Art Week 2016.

The group exhibition titled “Resounding Subtleties” was held at the Museo Vault Exhbition Space in the heart of Wynwood with works displayed by eight sought-after Colombian artists: Max Steven Grossman, Mario Arroyave, Carlos Alarcon, Teresa Currea, Pablo Posada, Luis Carlos Tovar, Santiago Uribe-Holguin, and Carol Young.  Each featured artist represented a unique voice, incorporating different stylistic approaches and mediums, but all the pieces refer to their Colombian heritage while also exploring universal themes.  From sculptures and installations, to constructed photography and work with paper, each artist proves that the contemporary Colombian art market is the next big thing. 

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