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COPA AMERICA USA 2024 (SMI-GLOBAL-SPORTS-JUNE 20-JULY 14, 2024)-World#12 (FIFA) Colombia from South-America defeated Paraguay 2-1, scoring two goals within 10' late in the first half on its opening match of Group D, grabbing its first 3-points of the tournament at NGR Stadium in Houston, Texas, USA.

The Colombian team also known as " Los Cafeteros " came into the Copa America tournament with 8-game winning streak on friendly matches over USA 5-1,  Spain 1-0, Bolivia 3-0, Romania 3-2 &  3-2, over Mexico in 2024, looked very solid and synchronized under the leadership of Striker James Rodriguez who contributed with two assist on the victory over Paraguay.

After both teams traded counter-attacks back & forth for the first half-hour,
Colombia's defender Daniel Munoz opened the score with a header at 32' mark to put "Los Cafeteros" 1-0, over Paraguay.

The goal-play was originated through the left-side field corner, James
Rodriguez centered the ball inside the penalty box finding Daniel Munoz 
who scored with a header to the lower-right goalpost and send the Colombians 
in a wild celebration.

Ten minute later after midfielder Richard Rios was fouled by Paraguay's Borre Maury on the right-side field corner, James Rodriguez on a free kick centered the ball inside the 18', finding Jefferson Lerma who scored with another header to the opposite left-side goalpost at 42' mark to give Colombia a 2-0, lead and secure the victory of 2-1, over Paraguay.

Julio Enciso discounted for Paraguay at 69' mark to closed-out the game 2-1, in favor of Colombia.

Article Written & File Photo by Marcello Cutti II/Starlight Illustrated

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