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Recent News           MAAJI Resort Brand Shines @ Swim-Week Miami 2016 with                                     Collection Entitled;  " Rhapsody Road " !

SMI Fashion / July 07.16-07.19.15


MIAMI BEACH(SMI-WIRE,07.16-07.19.15)MAAJI,The Colombian swimwear brand returned for its 3rd season @ Swim-Week Miami, exhibiting its new collection entitled " Rhapsody Road".This time Maaji embarked on a magical and colorful journey captivating a full house of guests and media editors on adventurous road trip through beaches,rivers and shores.Maaji shared what awaits in 2016,revealing the most fascinating characters and creatures on the new collection's patterns.The road trip theme was present throughout all elements of the show, from the unique props that accessorized the looks to the sneakers and fringed suede booties by MIA Shoes,Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi & Shervin Roohparvar of BRAVO TV's Shahs of Sunset,Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman of Bikini A Day, and Alexia Echevarria, were among those for the ride.

The road trip was packed with a variety of colors including lime green,blue sapphire,

graphite grey,candy pink,neon pink,lilac,violet,citrus yellow, neon orange and peach.Head designer Juliana Londono & Designer Nani Valenzuela's attention to detail,use of original shapes and prints, definitely  made this trip one to remember.

The high neck silhouettes and sporty accents were mioxed with a boho vibe,featuring macrame detailing within the necklines.Time withstanding favorites such as cut-outs and crossed straps were not forgotten, while crop-tops and bustier styles had a strong presence in the collection.

Maaji's functional moldings continue to innovate, as they flawlessly fit the body.This is reflected in teh activewear collection, designed by ANdrea Gomez, which has been designed for a wide variety of sports such as running , which is why is why its lable is:


SMI Latin had the opportunity to interview Maaji designer prior to the Fashion Show:


SMI Latin: Como Se Llama la Colleccion y Que nos puede decir de aquel ?

Nani Valenzuela: La coleccion se llama " Rhapsody Road" y se trata de una joven majica

con sus amigas que hacen un viajes alrededor del mundo collectando todas sus experiencias de todas las culturas y aprender lo mejor de la gente del mundo.

SMI-Latin:  Que me puede decir de los textiles y sus fuguras ?

Juliana Londono: Como lo acaba de mencionar Nani las figuras en el concepto tiene que ver con los viajes recurridos y las historias narradas.Los estampados seran

visto con su coloridos  & elementos graficos con relacion a la historia del cuento.

SMI-Latin: Algun mensaje para la mujer que quisiera comprar el " Maaji" Brand ?

Andrea Gomes:Los invitamos para sean parte de este viaje y lo disfrute , por que tenemos una grand collecion que solo lo veran en Maaji Brand " Rhapsody Road "


PHOTO CAPTURED:(From Left 2 Right :

  Nani Valenzuela, Juliana Londono (Maaji ,Head Designer) & Andrea Gomes





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