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ROCOCO DESSOUS @ Lingerie Fashion Week New York 2014 ! 

SMI FASHION/ August 02, 2013


NEW YORK(SMI-ALLURING,8.02.13) Royal & Imperial houses around the world have worn gold as a symbol of distinction & indulgence.

Rococo Dessous comes to Lingerie Fashion Week dedicating its first collection to the modern PRINCESS.

Gold is @ the heart of Rococo Dessous' luxury lingerie line,designed with the world's 1st 24 Karat Gold thread. Dessous draws its inspiration from lifestyles of past empires & bring it to life with modern design from today. The Gold lingerie is produced from Swiss Gold fabric. Gold has been the ultimate expression of luxury times. The desire for gold fashion was born in the World's grand civilization in Egypt where Tutankhamun wore linens embroidered with the precious metal.Gold is @ the heart of Rococo Dessous' Luxury Lingerie line,designed with the World's 1st. 24 Karat gold thread.Dessous 24 Karat gold lingerie deserve perfection & is produced from Swiss gold fabric & hand-stitched in New York for the Modern " PRINCESS "..... 

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