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" Alen Do Cosmos " & Santiago Formoso Shine @       The Galician Film Festival in NYC !

New York (SMI-WIRE,07.04.17) The " Alen Do Cosmos " (Beyond the Cosmos), a documentary film of retired spaniard soccer player " Santiago Fermoso ", who played for the NY Cosmos & US national team in the 70's, debuted with standing ovation from press attendees during closing reception day of the Galician Cinema & Food Festival last weekend at the Cervantes Institute in Manhattan NYC.

The " Alen Do Cosmos " (Beyond the Cosmos ) was directed by Spaniard and Galician's film director Pedro Pablo Alonso.Santiago Formoso is from Galicia(City of Western of Spain),who emigrated to United States with his parents during the late 60’s, started playing soccer during his youth and became a renowned player with the New York Cosmos playing along with soccer superstars like Brazilian soccer king  " Pele ",  Frank Beckenbauer ( The German Kaiser ), Johan Cruyff (Renowned Dutch Player who finished second to "Pele " as the second best player of the century by IFF History & Statistics) and many more.

A story of a humble man and talented defender, who made history in becoming the first Spaniard to win a championship ring with a major sports team in the USA.


Formoso also played seven games representing the US national men's soccer team in 1976-1977 for the CONCACAF qualifying matches, where the US failed to qualified for the FIFA World-Cup Argentina 1978.

An interesting film for those sports & soccer aficionados, who are interested to know how famous players become legends as well as their stories playing alongside superstars in a renowned team like the New York Cosmos during the 70's.

Santiago Formoso’s life is short of a Hollywood movie, with ups and downs, he was truly unpredictable in and out of the pitch, from the greatest clubs and parties to an almost bankruptcy and a new beginning. Today he lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with his wife and it’s an Uber driver, where most of his clients are clueless to fact that they 're being driven by one of the greatest soccer stars the world has ever seen.

A documentary film for all audiences and the rating we give it a 3.5 out of 5 and a must see movie for all soccer fans and audience that are always looking for a great story to watch with the family.

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