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 SMI FASHION / July 19-22 2014


MIAMI (SMI-WIRE,07.19-07.22.14)The Swim & Lingerie Trade Show, hosted by The Swimwear Association of Florida, held another successful annual resort & swimwear exhibitions, where more than 7500 brands and buyers from 60 countries gather to network, exhibit and purchase next year’s trends.A trade Show that takes place in Miami Beach Convention Center during the summer in July between 19-22, attracted a full house of exhibitors and buyers from around the US & the World.

The high warmth weather combined with fashion week swim shows scheduled in Miami Beach, helped to bring aproximatly 10,000 visitors to enjoy a good vacation time in the Resort & SwimWear capital of the World.

We had the opportunity to visit the convention trade show and talked to some of the 

swimwear's exhibitors at their booth and found their histories very interesting.

Julia Nasi & mother Ana Cristina Rodriguez Nasi Co-Founders of the Luxury Swimwear

 & Resort Collection " MURYX " based in Milano Italia ,decided to start their own line of High-End swimwear line, when the boutique where they used buy their bathing-suit closed down.Accompanied by the concept: simple is chic, it is presented with a variety of 11 bright colours reminiscent of tropical paridises – with a low cut and in premium Lycra quality..Natalia Botero Toro, a young entrepeneur designer from Colombia came to Swim Show Miami to exhibit her latest collection of the high-end swimwear brand"

" EntreaguaS ".The designs, materials and prints are exclusive and sophisticated with 

main goal to satisfy contemporary women who are looking for luxury, elegance, and outstanding design pieces.Mouille Swimwear based in London and LA ISLA swimwear brand from California that focuses solely on the quality and artistry of their product.

The brand is known worldwide for the perfect fit, stunning fabrics and unique hand embroidery of its swimwear and apparel.


There were thoudsands of exhibitiors and buyers at the covention center that it was impossible to visit and talk to all of them during the three days event.

The main fashion show took place on sunday July 20, where over one hundred

swimwear high-end brand and exhibitors showcased one piece of their designs on the

runway.The collections displayed consisted from children & adults swimwear from all

sizes and ages.Multi-colorful designs from the US & International brands  who entertained the full house of attendees including buyers & exhibitors that came to see the latest trends in the swimwear world.

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