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INGLEWOOD, CA (SMI GLOBAL SPSORTS-COPA-AMERICA USA 2024-JUNE 20-JULY 14, 2024)-Sensation & Rising-Star World#54 (FIFA) Venezuela Stuns Mexico 1-0, in a historic win in Group B, obtaining 6-points & advancing to knockout stage as first in the group stage competition @ Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, CA.

With the victory, Venezuela also known as the " Vinotinto" (Red Wine)
advance to the Copa America quarterfinal rounds for the 6-time competing in the tournament while defeating Mexico for the first time in the history of Copa America competition.

Mexico out-performed Venezuela in most of the game stats but the "Vinotinto" scored the only goal of the game by Salomon Rondon through a penalty shot, and goalkeeper Rafael Romo registered the most save with 7, including stopping the penalty shot by Mexican's Orbelin Pineda to secure the victory for Venezuela. 

Mexico went to offensive from the start, and the Azteca team almost scored on its first counter-attack, when forward Santiago Jimenez received a long ball from the back field to Carlos Rodriguez who lifted the ball inside the 18, to striker Ariel Antuna and who kicked a right-footed volley that went wide at 00:35's mark.

In two separate counter-attacks through the left-side field within 10', Mexico had the chance to open the score but both time the goalkeeper R. Romo played hero for Venezuela, saving two clear opportunity of goal for the Aztecas.

Forward Julian Quinonez received a long ball from the midfield to Carlos Rodriguez who inside the 18', shot a left-footed but it was saved by goalkeeper R. Romo at 09:23, mark and 10' minute later, striker Santiago Jimenez received a long pass from the back-field and all alone inside the penalty box shot a weak left-footed to the hands of goalkeeper A. Romo.

Venezuela had the chance to open the score as well when Solomon Rondon received  a long pass from the right-side field to inside the 18, and Rondon shot a bullet left-footed hitting the right-goalpost at 33:31 mark for a scoreless game at the half.

In the second half, the " Vinotinto " came out all Firing on all cylinder in search of the goal with 3-consecutive counter-attack within 5' minute span, and finding the back of the net on its 3rd try at 57' mark.

During a counter-attack through the right-side field, midfielder Yangel Herrera
passed it to Salomon Rondon to Yeferson Soteldo, who inside the 18' kicked a left-footed bouncing-off Mexican goalkeeper Julio Gonzalez's hands for a save at 50' mark.

Two minute later, Y. Soteldo intercepted a ball that was intended to Mexico's Israel Reyes who could not control it after goalkeeper try to clear it, gave it to S. Rondon who shot a left-footed missing wide at right-goalpost.

And on its 3rd consecutive counter-attack of the 2nd half, Venezuela's Cristian Casseres Jr. through the right-side field corner passed the ball to defender Jon Aramburu who gave it back to Casseres back to Aramburu who inside the 18, was brought down by Mexico's forward Julian Quinones for a penalty call by the referee at 55' mark.

After VAR review, the penalty shot was executed by striker Solomon Rondon scored with a right-footed rolling kick to the left-side goalpost to give Venezuela 1-0, lead over Mexico at 57' mark of the 2nd half.

With 8' minute remaining in the game, Mexico on its 3rd offensive attack after Venezuela scored its goal, defender Gerardo Arteaga centered the ball inside the 18', finding  striker Cesar Huerta who passed it to Jorge Sanchez and shot a right-footed to goal hitting Venezuela's Miguel Navarro on his hand for penalty call by the referee at 83' mark.

Afer a VAR review, midfielder Orbelin Pineda kicked the penalty shot but it was saved out of bounds by goalkeeper Miguel Romo to secure the 1-0, victory of Venezuela over Mexico.

Article Written by Marcello Cutti II /Starlight Illustrated



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